Yr 10

Sci Summer Exam
Due: Tuesday 14th June 13:00- 15:00
90 minute exam

Biology Test
Assigned: Monday 30th ( review sheet supplied and on 'What is life' page)
Due: Tuesday 7th June

Microscopy inclass essay
Microscope One World essay task.docx
Assigned : Tuesday 24th May (read artiels/videos/prep notes?bibliography/intex references)
Due: Tuesday 31st May ( in class essay)

Properties of Water (complete final 4 Qs of laboratory sheet)
Assigned: Thursday 7th April
Due: Tuesday 12th April

Cell Parts (complete cell parts sheet and come up with a suitable metaphore for the cell)
Assigned: Thursday 5th May
Due: Tuesday 10th May

Transport across cell membrane ( complete all questions, make sure you use appropriate scientific language)
Assigned: Tuesday 10th May
Due:Monday 16th May