Course Description

MYP science aims to develop intellectual curiosity adn out the natural and physical worlds, encourage adn facilitate the acquisition of knolwedge, understanding and skills, develop the ability to design and carry out investigations, enhance problem solving and scientific communication skills, develop an undertanding of the limitations of science and technology and its international nature and finally demonstrate honesty. Grade 10 sceince builds upon the foundations laid in Science during earlier years. It is an integrated course and includes Biology, Physics adn Chemistry.

Subject specific criteria:

A. One world: Maximum 6

The student should understand the interdependence of sciecne and society

B. Communication in science: Maximum 6

Ther studnet should be able to demonstrate undrstandign when communicating scientific information effectively.

C. Knowledge and understandign of science Maximum 6

The students hould be able to show their understanding of the main scientific ideas nad concepts

D. Scientific enquiry: Maximum

The student should develop scientific inquiry skills to design and carry out scientific investigations

E. Processing data: Maximum 6

The student shoudl be abel to collect and record; organise adn transform, present, analyse and interpret raw data and draw conclusions supported by scientific explanations and a reasoned interpretation of the analysis of the data.

F: Attitudes in science Maximum 6

The student should be able to carry out scientific investigation, working effectively as members of a team and ensuring a safe working environment with respect for themselves and the environment.

Grade boundaries:

The final semester grade will be a summation of the six criteria adn students will be given a total score out of 36. This will then be converted to a scale of 1-7 according to the tabel below:

19 - 24
25 - 28
29 - 32
33 - 36